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Customer Bike Pre-Delivery Inspection


Bikes Delivery And Warranty Precedure

To ensure our customer satisfaction, we have make study and market research to provide all necessary information on all our products from time to time.
Nimota authorized dealers are strongly recommended to follow Nippon Motor standardized bikes delivery precedure to ensure customer satisfaction and explain below:-


Products Delievry

Warranty and Service coupon booklet have been prepared and supplied with each new unit delivered. You are requested to use it to the fullest.


1.    Warranty Information

       Please refer to our booklet:-

           a. Warranty period  coverage              12 months or 10,000km whichever comes first

           b. Free Service                                   1st Service 500km / 2nd 1,000km

           c. Periodic Maintenance Inspection       Every 2,000km


2.   PDI Check List

      All Dealers are require to follow the list and record of pre delivery inspection which suppose to

      carry out on each delievry. 

3.   Warranty Registration card

      The Warranty Card is to proof of ownership and warranty registration of the bike and this

      card must be filled and with our dealers chop and returned to Nippon Motor Sdn. Bhd. in the

      stipulate period. This card will be used for customer information and the information is vital for

      warranty administration at service department.

4.   Maintenance Service

      The 1st and 2nd service is very important and muct be performed by our authorized dealers or at

      our service centre. 


Self Maintenence


1) Engine Oil Level for Ranger X, Ranger Max, Ranger XR and CK9 require 1.4 Liter

2) Recommend every 2,000km engine oil